Beer review – Prickly Moses and 2 Brothers

Prickly Moses Blueberry Hefeweizen (Barongarook, Vic) 330ml $4.65
Prickly Moses introduces blueberries to the southern German wheat beer style. The full flavoured ale displays the rich and enduring head of a good wheat beer, and the fruity aromas and flavours. Definite blueberry notes come through on nose and palate and the beer finishes with typical wheat ale tartness.

2 Brothers Growler American Brown Ale (Moorabbin, Vic) 330ml $4.23
The aroma of molasses, toffee and roasted coffee beans seems to fit the brooding, deep brown colour. The molasses and toffee flavours come through on the suprising buoyant and lively palate. They give an impression of richness and warmth, delicately offset by mild bitterness – but not enough to detract from sweet, comforting malt flavours.

Copyright © Chris Shanahan 2015
First published 20 and 21 January in Fairfax digital media and the Canberra Times