Beer review — Red Angus

Red Angus Pilsner 345ml $4.50
Griffith-based winemaker, De Bortoli, launched Red Angus Pilsener last December. It’s a fresh and lively European-style lager built for pleasurable, easy drinking rather than making a big statement. It leads with aromatic hops that add complexity, and then a lingering, refreshing bitterness to its generous, malty palate.

New Norcia Abbey Ale 330ml $6.95
This was originally brewed by Chuck Hahn and cellared under the Benedictine monastery at New Norcia, Western Australia. It’s in the strong (7 per cent alcohol) mould of Belgian Abbey Ales. It’s fruity and hoppy in smell and taste with a little burst of alcohol and then a distinctly hoppy, bitter finish.

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