Beer review — Red Angus and Potton

Red Angus Pilsner 345ml $3.50
Griffith-based winemaker, De Bortoli, launched Red Angus Pilsener in December 2007. It’s a fresh and lively European-style lager built for pleasurable, easy drinking rather than making a big statement. It leads with aromatic hops that add complexity, and then a lingering, refreshing bitterness to its generous, malty palate.

Potton Brewery Shambles Bitter $8.50
This deep-amber, mid-strength (4.3 per cent alcohol) bitter comes from Potton, Bedfordshire, a little to the north of London, about half way between Milton Keynes and Cambridge. The aroma’s warm and malty with a fruity note; but on the palate, the malt plays second fiddle to the assertive, but balanced, hops bitterness.

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