A delicate touch of hops flowers at Red Hill Brewery

David and Karen Golding brew wonderful beer down at Red Hill on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Their brewery and cellar door sits smack in the middle of one of Australia’s leading pinot noir neighbourhoods.

The cool climate that favours pinot noir also suits hops. And although hop growing isn’t a major industry on the peninsula, the Goldings turned to it because they had to be primary producers to get their liquor license.

For drinkers, that’s a bonus as the fresh hops flowers give Red Hill Brewery beers a unique piquancy and delicacy – even in two classic styles usually devoid of hops aroma or flavour.

Red Hill Brewery Wheat Beer has the classic fruity esters of the style, but there’s a lovely, subtle tang of Tettnanger hops. It’s beautifully done, as the hops don’t take over the delicate wheat flavours.

Big, bold, malty Scotch Ale sometimes uses no hops at all. But the chocolate richness of Red Hill ‘s version is successfully balanced by a lick of Goldings and Willamette.

Golden Ale is a great beer – complex, refreshing, full-flavoured but not heavy and cut through with the delicate flavour and soft bitterness of Hallertau and Tettnanger hops.

You can read more about this terrific brewery and order the beers at www.redhillbrewery.com.au

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