Beer review — Fusion Brewing

Fusion Brewing Bluebottle Beer 330ml 6-pack $17.99
Fusion Brewing says its beers are designed and brewed to match specific foods. No, don’t try this one with bluebottles, but bream or prawns could do. It’s suitably delicate for that purpose – light and tangy with a pleasant hops flavour but not a lot of bitterness.

Fusion Brewing Firefly Beer 330ml 6-pack $17.99
Firefly’s a little richer than Bluebottle, a tad more alcoholic and a little hoppier – though it’s far from bitter as pilsners go. It’s clean, fresh and easy to drink. It’s a billed as a companion for spicy food but to my taste it needs more hops bitterness to achieve that goal.

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