Beer review — Brew Dog Punk and Young’s Kew Gold

Brew Dog Punk IPA $7.50
The sub-title is ‘post modern classic pale ale’ — not that the brewer’s pretentious. In the glass is a mid-lemon-coloured ale with an appealingly malty, hoppy aroma. The palate’s where the punk comes out – it’s aggressively flavoured with a spiky, very bitter, going on acrid finish. Not my cup of tea, so to speak.

Young’s Kew Gold Bottle Conditioned Ale 500ml $7.60
This delicious, pale-golden ale salutes the species-conservation work being done at England’s Kew Gardens. It’s a distinctive, more-ish style because of its light colour and harmonious brisk, tart, bitter hops finish. It’s an unobtrusive, easy-drinking but complex beer. The label says that Young’s donate a portion of sales to Kew Gardens.

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