Lion to bring Mac’s beer to Australia

Fine Wine partners, the wine distribution arm of brewer Lion Nathan is about to launch Mac’s beer in Australia. The Canberra kick off (at Parlour Wine Room) will be done and dusted by the time you read this. But if you miss the party, there’ll be no shortage of beer afterwards.

I’ve drunk various Mac’s brews in New Zealand over the years and always found them to be first rate. They’re beers you can enjoy to the last drop.

Although Lion Nathan bought the brand years ago from founder Terry McCashin the beers, from what I’ve tasted, haven’t been dumbed down.

It seems a bit like the situation in Australia where Lion has a stake in Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle, and owns the Malt Shovel/James Squire Brewery in Sydney outright. Both make very fine ‘craft’ beers but in comparatively large volumes – meaning that they’re easily accessible for most drinkers.

I’m looking forward to tasting and reviewing the Mac’s Aussie range (they’re not available as I write) as soon as they arrive. Like the other Lion beers they should be widely available and priced realistically.

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