Beer review — Courage & Hook Norton

Courage Directors Amber Ale 500ml $7.10
This is a mild, dark-amber coloured ale built on a rich caramel-like malt aroma and flavour. It’s generous and soft on the palate with subtle hops providing a spicy and mildly bitter counterfoil to the maltiness. It’s an appealing cool-weather drink and best served cool rather than cold.

Hook Norton Brewery Old Hooky Ale 500ml $8.00
Old Hooky presents layers of aroma and flavour. It’s fruity, malty, hoppy, bittersweet, brisk and delicious. It’s built on malted barley, but it also contains wheat – presumably source of the pleasant tartness that adds life to the generous malt flavour. This is distinctive ale with lingering, refreshing bitterness.

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