Beer review — Dalgety Brewing Co.

Dalgety Brewing Co. Golden Ale 24X330ml $75
My favourite of the Dalgety beers has a deep golden colour, a lively, spontaneous head and a hazy appearance. It’s very aromatic, led by fresh, citrusy hops – a character that drives through the rich, smooth, soft, lively malty palate as well, giving a lingering hops flavour and bitterness to the finish.

Dalgety Pale Ale 300ml 24X330ml $75
This one has mid-amber colour, a medium head and a light yeast haze. The brewer’s note describes an ‘in your face’ hit of hops – but it’s subdued, lacking the ultra freshness for the hops to drive the beer as it should. What’s left is a pleasant, bitter, slightly hard beer.

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