Beer review — Dalgety Brewing Co and Matilda Bay

Dalgety Brewing Co Smoked Porter 24x330ml bottles $80
It’d drive you to drink – the label says Dalgety Brewing, the web address is and the home page says Snowy Vineyard Estate. But their porter sends a clear message – “I am dark, malty, chocolaty, alcoholic, round and smooth; porter through and through”. Available through the web site and at cellar door.

Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale 345ml 6-pack $19.99
Growing success of Matilda Bay’s Fat Yak, a toned-down version of Alpha, prompted a revisit to the original. What a beautiful, idiosyncratic beer it is, featuring opulent malt and eyebrow singeing Cascade hops from Washington State. It’s quite an accomplishment packing in so much flavour and bitterness and maintaining drinkability.

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