Beer review — Rodenbach & Lindemans

Rodenbach 250ml $6
This classic red-brown ale from Flanders combines three parts of young ale with one part ale that’s been oak matured for two years. The result is a surprisingly balanced but earthy, distinctive beer with a pleasantly tart, slightly sour, refreshing and acidic edge. Alcohol content is a modest 5.2% by volume.

Lindemans Cuvée René Geuze Lambic 355ml $9
Belgium’s lambic beers undergo a spontaneous ferment in micro-flora-riddled oak barrels, sometimes with fruit, most famously cherries, added during the ferment. This one, a blend of beers of various ages, was bottled conditioned and contains no fruit. It’s intensely sour and dry. But that’s the style – one to love or hate. This is to beer what sherry is to table wine.

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