Beer review — Shepherd Neame and Morland

Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Organic Ale 500ml $8.90
It’s billed as ‘a modern ale from Britain’s oldest brewer’, presumably a reference to its zesty, easy-drinking freshness – achieved without losing ale’s hallmark fruitiness and complexity. It’s moderately alcoholic at 4.5 per cent and a refreshing, drying thread of hops bitterness. Brewed using organic ingredients in Kent, England.

Morland Hen’s Tooth Strong Ale $8.70
There’s an appealing, sweet, fruity richness to Morland’s gold-amber, bottle-conditioned ale, boosted and made even headier by its 6.5 per cent alcohol content. However, it’s well balanced, the malt and alcohol sweetness being tempered by a lingering hops bitterness. It’s made in Suffolk, England.

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