Beer review — Sünner and Wells

Sünner Kölsch 500ml $5.99
Kölsch, one of Germany’s classic beer styles, made only in Köln, is a pale-lemon coloured ale that’s been lagered (cold cellared). Not surprisingly, it straddles the style border between lager and ale, with ale-like, rich, fruity palate and lager-like briskness. Sunner is a particularly vibrant, fresh, drink-by-the-barrel example of the style.

Wells Waggle Dance Honey Beer 500ml $7.20
Subtlety is the key to success with honey beers. Honey provides fermentable sugars, complementing those from malted barley. And if the honey aroma and flavour impact remain peripheral, then you have what the Wells beer delivers: a full, tasty, attractively bitter mainstream ale. It’s another terrific beer from this Bedford, UK, brewer.

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