Beer review — Wig & Pen

Wig & Pen Hopidemic ale half-pint $4.20
Brewer Richard Hopkins believes this is among Australia’s hoppiest beers with over 1.6 kg of hops for every 100 litres of beer. But the focus is on fresh, pungent aroma and flavour rather than bitterness – and it works deliciously with the unctuous malt flavours. This is the cask-conditioned and hand pumped.

Wig & Pen Hop Heads ale, Venom ale half-pint $4.20
Hop Heads, a brew for heroes, percolates through a container (Modus Hoperandus) of Galaxy hop heads en route to your glass, giving the full, raw hops experience. Despite the name Venom has less sting than Hop Heads, balancing a dry, malty palate with intense, lingering, resiny bitterness.

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