Beer review — Wig & Pen hop-season beers

Hopidemic Autumn Seasonal Ale 285ml glass $4.20
The Wig & Pen, Civic, currently offers three seasonal brews celebrating the recent hop harvest. ‘Hopidemic’ (the hoppiest beer in Australia claims brewer, Richard Watkins) comes from the hand pump. It’s a soft, fresh and aromatic real ale with piquant hops fragrance in harmony with the rich pleasing malt flavours.

Hop Heads Ale & Venom Imperial Ale 285ml glass $4.20
‘Hop Heads’ arrives in your glass via a ‘modus hoperandus’ – a vessel filled with fresh hops flowers. These infuse the ale with a startling, raw hop character. It’s idiosyncratic but a must-try for hop heads. Venom is your poison if you prefer intense bitterness mollified by malt opulence and alcohol.

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