Beer review — Emerson’s and Floris

Emerson’s Old 95 Ale 500ml $10.90
The label subtitle reads “Strong, rich, malty, hoppy ale – traditional English Old Ale”. It’s certainly strong (seven per cent alcohol), rich, malty and hoppy. The latter drives its wonderfully aromatic fruitiness. And like all good bottle-fermented ales, it’s particularly lively, with a persistent, abundant, creamy head.

Floris Passion Wheat Ale 330ml $6.50
If a beer’s to include passionfruit, better that it’s based on wheat as it in this refreshing Belgian brew. Passionfruit juice constitutes 30 per cent of the blend, providing the pure, juicy aroma and flavour. And even though it’s sweet, the tart acidity proves a perfect foil ¬– within the smooth, malty body.

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