Beer review — Flying Dog and Carlsberg

Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Ale 330ml $7.12
From Frederick Maryland, Old Scratch, with its beautiful Ralph Steadman label, turns the flavour button up high. The colour’s deep amber and it’s big on rich malt flavour, slick-texture and assertive, bitter hops offsetting the rich malt. Won a gold medal at the recent Australian International Beer Awards.

Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer 330ml 6-pack $16.99
Well, it doesn’t take much to be called “premium” these days. Perhaps the price tag’s enough. Ever-popular Carlsberg, brewed these days by Foster’s, is a decent, clean, fresh mainstream lager with a straightforward palate and delicate bitter finish. It’s what brewers call a “session” beer, meaning you can down a few without flavour overload.

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