Beer review — Strickland 1842 and Endeavour

Stricklands 1842 Lager 330ml glass $7
The Strickland brothers’ first brew sits square in the opulent, bitter Bohemian lager style. And what an impressive debut it is – served in its own custom glass and growing more luxurious with every sip as it warms a little in the glass. A very fresh, clean lingering bitterness balances the opulent malt flavour.

Endeavour Reserve Amber Ale 2010 330ml 4-pack $17.99
This is one of two bottle-conditioned ales released by the new Endeavour brewery. Rich chocolate malt is the keynote of the aroma and flavour – with the velvety texture to match. It’s easy drinking for such a malty beer and fairly delicately hopped for the style.

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