Beer review — Gage and Bulmers

Gage Premium Lager 330ml 6-pack $16.99
The label’s changed from “Gage Roads” to “Gage”, but the beer seems the same – a rich, smooth, very fresh lager, seasoned with the distinctive aroma and flavour of Hallertau hops; and has a pleasant, lingering bitterness. Woolworths bought 25 per cent of Western Australian based Gage in 2009.

Bulmers Pear Cider 500ml $4.99
The press release cites cider market growth of 22 per cent in the year to April 2010 – no surprise if you’ve noticed the growing shelf space lately. But please don’t expect from Bulmers the razor-sharp, intense pear flavours of the Norman versions. This one’s bubbly, sweetish and crisp with a hint of pear (or is it apple?) flavour.

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