Beer review — Gage Roads and Endeavour

Gage Road Pils 330ml 6-pack $14.99
A press release accurately describes the repackaged mid-strength (3.5 per cent alcohol) Gage Road as a “European pilsner” style. It’s certainly light, tangy and refreshing – easy and pleasant enough to drink, but finally lacking complexity. Take the alcohol out of beer, it seems, and much of the flavour goes with it.

Endeavour Reserve Pale Ale 2010 330ml 4-pack $17.99
The just-released Endeavour pale ale appeals for its herbal and citrus character, derived from Super Alpha, Amarillo and Galaxy hops. The lively, fresh palate features subtle, rich malt flavour balanced by a mild, lingering hops bitterness. It’s a balanced, harmonious style, clearly designed as a “session” beer.

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