Beer review — Holgate Brewhouse and Brasserie Caulier

Holgate Brewhouse Pilsner 330ml $4.05
Holgate Brewhouse, in Keatings Hotel, Woodend, Victoria, produces a range of beer styles, including this attractive pilsner. It’s pale coloured, medium bodied, smoothly malty and finishes with the distinctive flavour and clean bitterness of Saaz hops. It’s in the lighter, Euro style, not the robustly bitter Pilzen style.

Brasserie Caulier Bon Secours Myrtille 330ml $7.65
Bon Secours is a bottle fermented Belgian ale seasoned with blueberries. It’s in the traditional sweet and sour style and features high alcohol (seven per cent), the zest and lightness of wheat, and the sweetness of blueberries foiled by a pleasant tartness. Ingredients are barley malt, wheat, water, yeast, hops and blueberry juice.

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