Beer review — Lobethal Bierhaus and Weihenstephaner

Lobethal Bierhaus Red Truck Porter 330ml $4.42
This English style dark ale comes from Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills, just a short drive east of Adelaide. The aroma suggests roasted grain, coffee and chocolate – flavours delivered generously on the palate. A subtle hops flavour adds freshness and a mild bitterness that offsets the generous malt flavours

Weihenstephaner Kristall Weissbier 500ml $5.85
This beautiful Bavarian wheat beer comes from the Weihenstephen brewery, dating to 1040. It’s their filtered version and therefore crystal clear. It pours with a luxurious white head and has the style’s classic, delicate banana-like aroma. The palate’s light and lively, combining subtle, smooth malt with wheat beer’s zesty, fresh finish.

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