Beer review — Murray’s

Murray’s Craft Brewing Co Pilsner 330ml $3.95
Don’t be put off by the hazy appearance. Unusual for a pilsner style, Murray’s is bottle conditioned. But I’ve tasted better bottles than this one – the head collapsed quickly; though the palate delivered big on citrusy, lingeringly bitter hops. Hops heads will love it; others might find the hops overwhelming.

Murray’s Craft Brewing Co Whale Ale 330m $3.95
It’s got a use-by date of 25 December 2010. But the bottle I opened on 3 March (bought in a local retail store) was gone – dull, muddy colour; no head; little aroma; and a flat, lifeless palate. Now Murray’s has a good reputation, so I’m guessing something’s wrong in the bottling, shipping or storage.

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