Beer review — Nogne and Mikkeller

Nogne Wit 500ml $14.90
In Nogne Wit – a Norwegian take on the Belgian wheat ale style – brewers turn the volume up while keeping the beer balanced and drinkable. The aroma’s delicate, pure and fruity and the palate full and smooth, with crisp, lemony acidity, complex spicy notes and a slightly more bitter finish than in the Belgian originals.

Mikkeller American Dream 330ml $11.90
Mikkeller, a small Danish brewery, churns out dozens of idiosyncratic, attention grabbing brews – like this turbo hopped, bottle-conditioned lager. But the beer’s mighty malt opulence can’t match its ballistic bitterness beyond a sip or two, as the bitterness builds, leaving a sour aftertaste. It’s an interesting curio, but who’d drink it?

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