Beer review — Zierholz and Mountain Goat

Zierholz Oat Malt Stout half-pint $3.90
Christoph Zierholz attributes the slippery, smooth palate of his new stout to a portion of malted oats in the brew. With malted, roasted barley it produced a dark, appealing brew with roasted coffee and chocolate-like flavours and smooth, dry, bitter finish. It’s complex, food friendly and easy to drink, especially with the food at Zierholz.

Mountain Goat Organic Steam Ale 330ml $3.70
Mountain Goat’s bottle-conditioned, certified organic ale has the pleasantly tart and tangy edge that comes from adding a little wheat malt to the brew. It’s as fresh as bread from the oven, even has a slightly bready flavour. And the hops add delightful aroma and flavours as well as a delicately bitter finish.

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