Beer review — Feral White and Weihenstephaner

Feral White 330ml $3.42
Feral White, from the Swan Valley, combines wheat and barley, seasoned with coriander and orange peel, in the Belgian style popularised by Hoegaarden. It delivers the style’s fresh, clove-like aroma and lemon-fresh palate. But it lacks the creamy richness of the originals and finishes perhaps a little sweet.

Weihenstephaner Original Bayrisch Mild 500ml $4.77
This lager is a pale, mild and subtle counterfoil to the assertively bitter Weihenstephaner Pilsner reviewed a few months back. Subtlety is the keynote all through: malty aroma with just a hint of hops aromatics; smooth, deep, velvety palate with just enough hops to dry out the finish.

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