Beer and rum review — Knappstein and Bundaberg

Knappstein Enterprise Brewery Reserve Lager 330ml 4-pack $16
Knappstein Clare Valley winery, an outpost of Japan’s Kirin Brewery, released its own Clare-brewed lager in 2006. Knappstein recently announced plans to expand production using Kirin’s Malt Shovel brewery in Sydney. Fingers crossed that he quality holds as Knappstein’s full-bodied, complex, very bitter lager rates among Australia’s very best.

Bundaberg Original Rum Select Vat 207 700ml $48
The press release says Bundy’s new release is literally a separate bottling from a vat selected by the distillers for the quality of its content. The light amber colour, olive green rim and mellow aroma reflect extended vat ageing – and the fiery, flavour-packed palate confirms it as rum, not fine brandy.

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First published 8 August 2012 in The Canberra Times