Casella unveils new brews

Bland or blander seem to be the options. Winemaker Casella’s move into the beer market promised drinkers the perfect lager, based on an iPhone-based consumer survey in April.

Casella says 3,000 beer drinkers responded, giving “valuable information to Casella’s brew masters about preferred flavour profiles and tastes”.  Noting two broad streams of opinion, the brewer made two lagers, Arvo Brew 34 and Arvo Brew 51, now released in mixed six-packs.

Brewer Andy Mitchell says Brew 34 targets drinkers who prefer a “hop-driven lager, with fruity aromas and subtle malt characters”, and describes Brew 51 as “a really easy-drinking lager style with less prominent hop character”.

Casella intends to brew only one style in future, based on consumer feedback through its website. To me, though, it’s a choice of which pleasant but me-too lager joins an already crowded and competitive market.

Arvo Brew 34 and Arvo Brew 51 mixed 330ml 6-pack $18.99
Casella’s two new brews offer minor variations on popular lager styles. Pale lemon-coloured Brewed 34 appeals for its freshness and light, crisp, delicately hopped finish. Without the same delicate hopping, Brew 51, fresh as it is, disappears almost without trace. They’re both perfectly sound beers. But where’s the excitement?

Copyright © Chris Shanahan 2012
First published 11 July 2012 in The Canberra Times