Gypsy brewing in Beechworth

On Friday 9 March, the Rostrevor Hop Garden, Ovens Valley, provided fresh-picked hops to Ben Kraus at Bridge Road Brewers, Beechworth. Until the wee hours, Kraus, with visiting Danish brewer, Mikkel Bjergso, worked on their one-off Dark Harvest Ale, designed to showcase the hops.

Kraus says the collaborative brew will be “an imperial dark ale/porter brewed with freshly picked ‘wet’ hops, used in copious amounts, weighing in at around 7.5 per cent alcohol”.

Bjergso runs Mikkeller Brewery, globally famed, says Kraus, “for their unique take on established brewing styles”. Kraus calls Bjergso “a self-proclaimed gypsy brewer”, as he travels the world, making beer collaboratively with other brewers. He released 76 beers in 2010 alone.

Kraus intends to offer the beer on tap at his Beechworth brewery and distribute it to craft beer venues throughout Australia from early April.

Copyright © Chris Shanahan 2012
First published 28 March 2012 in The Canberra Times