Beer review — Wig & Pen and Aguila

Wig and Pen Smokey Olde Spice Ale $7 half pint
SOS starts as a strong (7.2 per cent alcohol) barrel-aged beer, made from beechwood-smoked barley malt. The brew percolates through a container of fresh truffles, figs, cinnamon and vanilla en route to the tap. It emerges lively, opulent, smokey, spicy, malty and fruity with a teasing, tart, tannic bite to the finish.

Aguila Beer of Columbia 330ml $7 on-premise
Carlton and United Breweries recently launched Columbian-brewed Aguila into the on-premise market. Brewed from malted barley, and rice and seasoned with perle and nugget hop varieties, it fits our two-star rating perfectly. It’s a good, basic, fault-free quaffer, at a modest four per cent alcohol.

Copyright  Chris Shanahan 2013
First published 28 August 2013 in the Canberra Times