Beer review — Brains and Matso’s

Brains Dark Ale 500ml $6.50
Though less alcohol than Matso’s Smokey Bishop, Brains Dark Ale hits the palate with greater weight and richness – probably just what the Welsh brewers seek in their cooler climate. It’s plush and chocolaty but mild and fresh at the same time.

Matso’s Smokey Bishop Dark Lager 330ml $4.15
Matso’s, from Broome, provides medium-bodied, easy drinking – with the freshness of lager and chocolate- and toffee-like flavours of roasted malt. A light and slightly bitter chocolate-like flavour lingers, giving a dry, refreshing finish. It’s an attractive lager, with the various flavour components in harmony.

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First published 23 October 2013 in the Canberra Times and