Beer review — William Bull

William Bull William’s Pale Ale 330ml $18
De Bortoli makes this complex, quaffable brew at their William Bull brewery in Griffith, New South Wales. It’s pale lemon coloured and highly aromatic with a light but tasty and very brisk palate. Lively carbonation and terrifically clean, lingering hops bitterness give it a delicious tangy freshness.

William Bull Brewing Co William’s Pilsener 330ml $18
De Bortoli’s new beer stretches the endlessly elastic word “Pilsener” even further. What was originally a richly malty brew, featuring the exciting flavour and lingering bitterness of Saaz hops, now includes the fresh acidity of wheat malt and the teasing tartness of lactic acid, against a quite rich, malty background.

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First published 16 January 2013 in The Canberra Times