Lion to release take-away draft beer

Lion brewing isn’t saying much, but according to The Shout – a hotel, bar, club and liquor industry newsletter – the company plans to release a beer dispenser, to be named the Tap King, and a range of draft beers for home consumption later this year.

Australian Brews News says Lion revealed its plans to members of the Australian Hotels Association. Some members of the association believe the move could take business from them, it reported.

Lion’s plans are doubtless in response to weak beer sales and a continuing trend for people to drink at home.

The problem for hotels could be exacerbated by intense competition among retailers offering Tap King refills. This could further consolidate the market power of Coles and Woolworths who could smoothly fit the new products in with their existing beer ranges.

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First published 17 April 2013 in The Canberra Times and