Beer review – Asahi and Red Duck

Asahi Super Dry 330ml 6-pack $20
In 1987 Asahi paved the way for what became known as “dry” beers. Thankfully, they’re wet, of course, as “dry” simply means beer with all the sugar converted to alcohol. Now brewed in China, Asahi offers the full, malty body of mainstream lager, with a dry, smooth palate and moderate hops bitterness.

Red Duck Loch Ness Scottish Ale 500ml $9.60
A beer for a cold highland night, Loch Ness hits the palate with rich, warming, malty flavours and the bracing effect of alcohol (6.7 per cent). Maturation in a whisky cask gives the beer even more punch. The brewer attrributes the pleasantly bitter finish in the low-malt ale to caramelisation of the malt.

Copyright © Chris Shanahan 2014
First published 5 October 2014 in the Canberra Times