Beer review – Sierra Nevada and Croucher

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen 355ml $3.65
America’s Sierra Nevada brewery captures the Bavarian wheat beer style extremely well. The abundant white head, yeast haze and fruity-spicy aroma encourage a big mouthful. The palate delivers on the promise, with flavours reflecting the aroma and a smooth, full palate, cut with zesty, lemony freshness.

Croucher Brewing Company Pilsner 330ml $6.21
Thirty years after visiting Rotorua, certain aromatic memories linger on. Fortunately, Rotorua’s beer heads down an entirely more pleasant path, led by the wonderfully pungent, fruity notes of two New Zealand hops varieties – Motueka and Riwaka. The full, sweet, malty palate is classic pilsner, as is the assertive, lingering hops bitterness.

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First published 7 October 2014 in and 8 October 2014 in the Canberra Times