All the way with IPA in USA craft beer market

The trend-setting American craft beer market is being led by the very strong and distinctive IPA (India Pale Ale) styles.

Summing up developments in 2014, the Brewers Association, representing craft and home brewers, said IPAs account for around one fifth of craft beer sales to June 2014 and formed the biggest category in the Great American Beer Festival. Sale of craft beer overall increased 18 per cent by volume in the same period.

The association says craft beer is now moving into the mainstream as volumes grow and increasing numbers of people from different age and backgrounds give it a try.

In 2013 craft beers claimed $14.3 billion of America’s $100 billion beer market.

The number of craft brewers is increasing at a rate of 1.5 a day, and more than 2000 are being planned.

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  • 20 January 2015 in
  • 21 January 2015 in the Canberra Times