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Blizzard hits Vic ski fields

Brewer and ski enthusiast Chuck Hahn will no doubt look with excitement at the new Blizzard Brewery, located on the Victorian ski fields.

Hahn, founder of Hahn, James Squire and one-time head brewer for the Lion group, in 2009 established his own alpine brewery, Kosciuszko Brewing, at Jindabyne.

The town, gateway to the NSW ski fields, sits below the snow line at around 920 metres. Blizzard Brewing, however, lies right in the middle of the white stuff, 1550 metres above sea level.

A Linkedin notice from the company says the brewery, due to open in April 2016, is just 50 metres from the Cobungra ski lift and 10 kilometres from the Mount Hotham ski lifts.

Blizzard claims to be the “only brewer in Australia to adopt the Rocky Mountains craft brewing model that is based on ski resorts and their visitors”.

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First published 27 and 28 October 2015 in goodfood.com.au  and the Canberra Times