Blackberry rye ale for Canberra multicultural festival

Pact and Pen Monkey Drummer Blackberry Rye Ale

The Canberra Brewers stand at this weekend’s multicultural festival features a unique beer created by two local brewers, Pact Brewing Co and the Wig and Pen.

Pact and Pen Monkey Drummer Blackberry Rye Ale will be available at the stand, on tap at the Wig and Pen during the festival, and, for a short time in take-away “growlers” from Plonk at Fyshwick Markets.

A couple of months ago, Pact Brewing Co’s Kevin Hingston raised the idea of a special festival beer with the Wig’s brewer, Frazer Brown.

Together they came up with a recipe for a fruity, low-bitterness beer to appeal to “people who think they don’t like beer”, says Hingston.

They brewed the fruity, slightly sweet ale at the Wig using about two thirds malted rye, with malted wheat and barley and 40 kilograms of fresh blackberries grown by Hingston’s father.

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First published 9 and 10 February 2016 in  and the Canberra Times
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