Beer review — Erdinger Weissbier & Brok Sambor

Erdinger Weissbier Mit Feiner Hefe 500ml $5.99
This is a first-class, bottle-conditioned Bavarian wheat beer. The spontaneous head hints of quality – a promise fulfilled by the pure, delicate, fruity aroma and vibrant, fresh palate. It’s round and sweet — but delicate at the same time — and balanced by a refreshing, crisp acidity.

Brok Sambor Export 500ml $3.79
From Poland, Brok Sambor, at 5.7 per cent alcohol, sits at the sturdier end of the lager spectrum. It has a fragrant and appealing hops-led aroma, supported by sweet malt. The malt richness comes through on a smooth, full-bodied palate. But the malt’s held in check by delicious, moderately bitter hops.

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