Beer review — Matilda Bay and Wig & Pen

Matilda Bay Bohemian Pilsner 345ml about $3
Matilda Bay brews this golden lager in the traditional Czech Pilsen style — with heaps of hops of the very aromatic and succulently bitter Saaz variety. This sets the tone from start to finish – from the pungent, resiny aroma to the lingering, ultra-bitter finish. It’s a beer drinker’s beer.

Wig & Pen Summer Dark Star Lager middy $4.20
The Wig’s latest, charismatic seasonal specialty looks dark and brooding like a warming winter ale – an impression furthered by the rich, dark-chocolate aroma. Though the dark chocolate flavour fills the palate, it’s foiled by the most refreshing, assertive and delicious hops bitterness that turns winter to summer in a few sips.

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