Beer review — Krusivice and Orkney

Krusivice Imperial Czech Premium Beer 330ml $3.80
Krusovice Imperial, part of Heineken International’s portfolio, sits square in the Czech rich, bitter lager mould. The colour’s deep golden, and the aroma sweetly malty with an overlay of hops. The palate offers full, smooth malt, mingled with hops flavours and finishing a dry, delicious hops bitterness.

Orkney Brewery Dragonhead Stout 500ml $9.50
The very dark brown/black colour suggests the brooding beast it is – modestly alcoholic at four per cent, but assertively bitter, even slightly smokey, from all that roast grain character, like very dark chocolate. Despite the intense flavours, though, it’s dry on the palate, finishing clean and bitter.

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