Bring back the beer randall

Canberra’s Wig & Pen brewpub can’t long stay out of the beer news. Highly distinctive specialties come and go with the seasons. While it’s a little later for one of the two summer brews — the raspberry flavoured lambic-style Rich’s Summer Frenzy ran out recently — the delicious Summer Dark reviewed below remains on tap.

And with the hops harvest in full swing brewer Richard Watkins plans to bring back the randall – a sealed glass container filled with fresh hops flowers — that sits on the bar as specially-brewed ale flows through it en route to the taps.

In their brief contact with the beer the flowers infuse it with an exciting, bracing aroma and aftertaste. Last year’s highly successful brew was a brown ale with a rich, creamy texture designed to match the piquancy of the fresh hops.

Watch this space for a review of the 2007 ale when it hits the bar.

Wig & Pen Summer Dark Star Lager middy $4.20
The Wig’s latest, charismatic seasonal specialty looks dark and brooding like a warming winter ale – an impression furthered by the rich, dark-chocolate aroma. Though the dark chocolate flavour fills the palate, it’s foiled by the most refreshing, assertive and delicious hops bitterness that turns winter to summer in a few sips.

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