Beer review — Theakston & Wychwood

Theakston Old Peculier the Legend 500ml $7.49
Peculier spelling perhaps, but Theakston’s idiosyncratic brew clicks all the right winter hyperlinks. An alcohol of 5.6 underpins an inviting warmth that’s matched by the rich but subtle malt flavour. The use of wheat malt as well as barley in the blend gives the palate zest and dries out the pleasantly tart finish.

Wychwood Hobgoblin Strong Dark Ale 500ml $6.89
At 5.2 per cent the alcohol’s modest for a strong ale. But the opulent, creamy-textured palate adds to its warmth. The flavours lean towards the chocolate, mocha and caramel typical of dark malt beers – and this is nicely balanced with a tweak of hops bitterness. It’s a distinctive, delicious winter beer.

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