Beer and cider review — Bridge Road and Coldstream Brewery

Bridge Road Hans Klopek’s Hefe Weizen 330ml $4.05
With wheat beers we look first for a big, fine-textured, long-lasting head. Alas, Hans Klopek flopped, dead flat – an experience completely at odds with Bridge Road’s high reputation. The aroma and mildly acidic palate also lacked the style’s usual aroma and punch. A bit of QA needed here.

Coldstream Brewery Apple Cider 330ml 6-pack $16.99
Coldstream claims to ferment its ciders from fresh Victorian apples, not concentrate as used in some brands. Using cool ferments and cold filtration, they aim for a pure expression of apple. The aroma’s light and pure; ditto the light but crisply apple-like palate with its crunchy acidity, countered by natural fruit sweetness.

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