Beer review — Wig & Pen and Kronenbourg

Wig and Pen Spiced Olde Ale with Truffle — half-pint $6
Between keg and glass this fruity, malty, lightly spicy ale seeps through a container of brandied cumquat, juniper berry, star anise, nutmeg, cinnamon and slices of fresh local truffle. The infusion transforms the beer – adding spicy flavours and a tease of cumquat bitterness, while boosting the malt opulence – probably an affect of the truffle.

Kronenbourg 1664 — 330ml 6-pack $18.99
The press release recommends drinking 1664 super chilled – a good idea for a beer so light on flavour and character. In our sample the head subsided too quickly and the beer simply lacked zing and freshness. Despite that, light malt and delicate hops make it a quaffable if not exciting brew. Brewed by Fosters in Australia.

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