Beer review — Crabbie’s and Endeavour

Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer 500ml $7.99
A crafty brew, this one – the Brits down 2.5 million cases year, “tapping into consumer desire for craft”, claims the press release, adding that it’s “made from a base of four secret ingredients”. Our leathery old palate identifies only two – ginger and sugar; a refreshing and proven pop combination.

Endeavour Reserve True Vintage Pale Ale 2011 330ml 4-pack $17.99
Endeavour made its 2011 vintage beers from Tasmanian barley and hops, harvested in January 2011 and March 2011 respectively. Vintage pale ale, containing a touch of wheat malt, emphasises spicy citrusy hops and zesty light palate. Amber ale focuses on sweet malt and herbal hops aftertaste.

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First published 9 November 2011 in The Canberra Times