The punter’s top beers of 2011

The increasing reach of social media gives us a glimpse into what thousands of drinkers voted as their favourite premium brews of 2011.

On 26 January, the popular Local Taphouse Blog ( named “the hottest 100 Aussie craft beers” from a selection of over 800 products.

It’s an eclectic blend of names, where tiny brewers rub shoulders with the craft arms of brewing giants Lion Nathan and Foster’s.

In the top 20, for example, Foster’s fielded 13th favourite, Matilda Bay Fat Yak – while Lion Nathan got a look in with 18th-placed Knappstein Enterprise Brewery Reserve Lager and beers from Little Creatures and White Rabbit (in which it holds a stake) in second, fifth and tenth places

Australia’s third largest brewer, Cooper’s, earned 16th spot with its perennial favourite, Pale Ale.

The top three beers were Byron Bay’s Stone and Wood Pacific Ale, Little Creatures Pale Ale and Feral Brewing Company Hop Hog.

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First published 25 April 2012 in The Canberra Times