Beer review — Red Hill and Hargreaves Hill

Red Hill Hop Harvest Ale 330ml $5.85
We’re a few months past hop harvest now, but Red Hill’s seasonal ale (made from their own Mornington Peninsula hops) remains available. It’s a dark-amber coloured ale, featuring opulent, velvet-smooth malt, liberally seasoned with pungent, lingeringly bitter hops.

Hargreaves Hill Pale Ale 330ml $4.25
Hargreaves Hill, from the Yarra Valley, makes a pale ale leaning more to the American than British style – full bodied and featuring strong hops aromas and flavours and a lingering, assertive hops bitterness. The hops, however, harmonise with the rich, smooth malt flavours, meaning a beer of great appeal and character.

Copyright Chris Shanahan 2013
First published 18 September 2013 in the Canberra Times